Visionary Center for Sustainable Communities


• Consulting

- Preparation of business plans

- Coordination with community leaders and stakeholders

- Coordination with local, national, and international funding agencies and investors

- Marketing and communications support for project implement


• Mentoring and Coaching

- Conduct skills analysis to identify areas for improvement

- Align individuals with local business leaders for mentoring, based on skills analysis

- Provide training on basic skills such as business development, accounting, and project



• Education and Outreach

- Workshops to support local industries, such as manufacturing, transportation, and renewable


- Coordination with local educational institutions for access to certificate and degree programs

- Coordination with local businesses to identify opportunities for internships and apprenticeships


• Workforce Development Initiatives

- Align individuals and communities with real and sustainable opportunities

- Advanced manufacturing

- Transportation

- Cyber security

- Apprenticeships and internships

- Integrated approach to provide individuals with necessary job skills training while providing

  industry with an educated workforce

- Troops to Technology Workforce Development Initiative (T3WDI)