Visionary Center for Sustainable Communities

The Challenge

The U.S. manufacturing industry is on the rise. However, it is facing a significant challenge in having enough skilled workers to meet the manufacturing demand. It is anticipated that the number of manufacturing jobs will be more than 3 million in the next 10 years and that access to qualified talent is a factor contributing to the employment and skills gap (“The skills gap in U.S. manufacturing 2015 and beyond,” Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, 2015). One of the primary issues facing this industry is the misconceptions about the manufacturing sector and that it is dirty and/or dangerous.

The Solution

Visionary Center for Sustainable Communities (VCSC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is implementing a solution to help raise awareness about manufacturing in the U.S. and the educational and career opportunities that are available. Through our mobile manufacturing experience, we offer workshops/outreach on the future of and career opportunities in manufacturing. In addition, our mobile manufacturing experience provides access to tools and systems to understand different aspects of manufacturing, including:

• Additive manufacturing systems

• Robotics

• Laser cutting

• Design software

• Modeling and simulation

• . . . and much, much more!

We also coordinate with educational institutions and businesses to identify existing education and career pathways and the specific opportunities that are available. One of our first deployments is in collaboration with “Troops to Technology Workforce Development Initiative” (T3WDI), a platform to help companies access and recruit transitioning service members into partnered education and skill providing pathways. Our mobile classroom will provide transitioning service members the ability to learn first-hand the types of opportunities available and the pathways to them.


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